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SAT / ACT Information

This page is designed to provide helpful information on testing, practice and help for the SAT and ACT, college financial aid, and more. We strongly encourage students to take both the Sat and the ACT. Some students will naturally score higher on one than on the other. It is also important to take each test more than once. Students should take one of these test for the first time toward the end of their junior year and then a couple of times more during their senior year.

Other pages, located under the Academic tab, can provide you with help on deciding which college is right for you – public or private, Christian or state school, nearby or far away, big school or small, liberal arts or specialized. With so many questions about life after high school, it is never too soon to get started in the process of planning for your education beyond ECS!

ACT School ID# – 410994
The ACT is a standardized test that many univesity admissions offices prefer over the SAT in determining college readiness. Below are some great links to help if you are thinking about taking this test. – This site is a little bit of everything. It has practice tests, registration help,links to the ACT site, information for parents, teachers, and college-bound students. – This site is a free online test resource center for the ACT and several other tests. You can register and take a free ACT online course that will help identify any gaps and help strengthen weak areas covered by the ACT.

SAT School ID# – 410994
The SAT is one of the measuring sticks used by many colleges to determine college readiness for applicants. Below are a few helpful links, practice tests, and study aids to help prepare you for the SAT test. – This site has everything you need to prepare for the SAT, including SAT practice problems, a customized preparation plan, problem solving videos, SAT vocabulary flash cards and free online tips, articles, books and exercises. Designed for the NEW SAT. prep – Know what to expect on test day by reviewing practice questions, taking a practice test, and more. Official practice questions and review material.